The Online Lectures of Rebbe Yakov Leib HaKohain on Zohar & Kabbalah

""Woe to the human being who says that Torah presents mere stories and ordinary words. . . . All the words of Torah are sublime words, sublime secrets!" (Zohar 3:152a)

Sefer HaZohar ("The Book of Splendor") is the central and perhaps greatest work of Kabbalah. By ancient tradition it is counted as part of the esoteric Torah Sh'Bal Peh ("Oral Torah") given to Moses at the same time as the Written Torah, or "Old Testament," and revered by the Jewish Sages throughout history as equal to it in authority. To all who study it with good intention the Zohar is clearly the divinely transmitted work of the Bat HaKol ("Voice of the All") that speaks through its God-inspired teachers in every generation.

"All of us have been studying the Zohar together in these classes for over six years now -- volume by volume, section by section, page by page, paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence, word by word and ever letter by letter. In all that time, what we see is that the Zohar has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with God. It has everything to do with man's Avodah, man's service, which is to return God to His wholeness, that completeness from which He has fallen [through the act of Creation]." (Reb Yakov Leib HaKohain, Zohar Shiur, 12-20-04)

We invite you to join with us in study and learning every weekday morning at 8 A.M. (EST) as Reb Yakov Leib HaKohain teaches live from the Zohar. Click here for info on how to attend the Zohar Shiurim

For those who can't attend Reb Yakov Leib's live, weekday-morning Zohar classes, and for those who do attend but want to listen to them again, we have posted the ten most recent lectures for you to hear online. Each day we update the Zohar lectures listed below by posting that day's lecture. The audio files below are in the ".mp3" format and require an audio player such as RealPlayer or iTunes. If you do not have an audio player, you can download the free version of the software by clicking on one of the appropriate links below.

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Date Lecture Title File Size
08.30.16 The Zohar - ("The_Stand_In") 6.82
08.29.16 The Zohar - ("The_Role_of_the_Kohain:Set_Apart_From_the_Set_Apart") 10.7
08.25.16 The Zohar - ("Two_Creation_Gods:One_Cursed_and_One_Blessed_Israel_Through_Balaam") 10.6
08.24.16 The Zohar - ("Reuniting_the_Yod_Hei_With_the_Vauv_Hei") 9.97
08.23.16 The Zohar - ("Only_Then_Will_Come_the_Kingdom_of_God") 12.8
08.22.16 The Zohar - ("When_the_Feminine_Is_Absent,_God_Is_Not_Present") 8.63
08.18.16 The Zohar - ("Better_a_Person_Was_Never_Born_Than_Refuse_To_Participate_In_the_Reunion_of_Male_and_Female") 10.8
08.16.16 The Zohar - ("Tikkun_Elohim") 14.8
08.15.16 The Zohar - ("Moses_Spoke_and_God_Answered_Him_By_a_Voice") 14.3
08.10.16 The Zohar - ("Jesus_Taught_In_the_Tradition_of_Theurgic_Parables_To_Activate_the_Heart_Mind") 14.5
08.09.16 The Zohar - ("Did_Jesus_Succeed?") 17.3
08.05.16 The Zohar - ("The_Virgin_Has_Fallen_and_Will_No_More_Rise") 23.8
08.04.16 The Zohar - ("God's_Thoughts_Are_Not_Our_Thoughts") 12.1
08.02.16 The Zohar - ("The_Man_Who_Is_Not_Married_Is_Deficient_and_Is_Called_Blemished") 4.63