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In many of my lectures, I refer to the "Three Columns" or "Pillars" of the Ten Sefiroth -- Left, Right and Middle -- as they are described in the Zohar and other works of Jewish Kabbalah:

One of the mysteries of the Center Column that I have already pointed out several times (and which seems to have been picked up by other "Kabbalists", incidentally) is that the sum of the numerical values of the four Sefiroth of the Center Column -- Keter (1), Tiferet (6), Yesod (9) and Malkuth (10) -- is 26, which is exactly the Gematria (or numerical sum) of the four Hebrew letters forming the Tetragrammaton, Yahweh:

26 = (5)+ (6) + (5) + (10) <------ Yahweh

But another mystery, revealed to us more recently, deals with the Kabbalistic permutations of the original, untranslated Hebrew names of the four Sefiroth of the Center Column -- Keter, Tiferet, Yesod and Malkuth -- as shown below:

Thus, each of the Hebrew names of the Four Sefiroth of the Center Column is spelled as follows, from right to left:

  • Keter =                               
  • Tiferet =     
  • Yesod =                 
  • Malkuth =

Now, notice that if you combine the first letters of these four words, they form the Hebrew word (from right to left) or "Kitim" with a Gematria of 470:

470 = (40) +(10) +(400) + (20) <------ Kitim

Not only is Kitim an actual Hebrew word (as found in Genesis 10:4, which we shall discuss later) but its Gematria of 470 is exactly the same as that of several other highly suggestive Hebrew words, such as:

  • Sh'mayni ("Hear Me")
  • Nitach ("Poured")
  • Tumehcha ("Your Thummim" or "Your Oracles")
  • Kaltecha ("Your Daughter-in-Law")

In other words, the Center Column, or Kitim -- i.e., Keter, Tiferet, Yesod and Malkuth -- is the connection, the "holy axis" as Jung would call it, between the upper God (Sefirah Keter) and lower Man (Sefirah Malkuth) by which the former "pours down" His wisdom upon the latter, who then "hears" such divine "oracles" as inner revelation:

Moreover, as shown in the above alchemical drawing: this "holy axis," this Kitim connecting the Sacred and Profane, is mystically linked to the feminine aspect of God, the "Fallen Shekhinah," by virtue of its Gematrial association with Kaltecha, the "Daughter-in-Law", as we have seen already. That is, Kitim is a hidden reference to the "Fallen Maiden" (i.e. the "Daughter-In-Law) is trapped, found in Sefirah 10, Malkuth, which must be restored to her "Groom," the "Smaller Face," found in Sefirah 6, Tiferet:

Moving on, by using still another form of Kabbalistic permutation, when the number of letters in Kitim (i.e., 4) are added to its basic Gematria (i.e., 470) the resulting sum is 474, which is exactly the same as the Gematria of the Hebrew word Dat, meaning Gnosis or "mystical understanding". Strikingly, this Dat is also called the eleventh "Hidden Sefirah," not usually shown in drawings of the Ten Sefiroth, but which actually tops the Center Column, as represented by the multi-colored circle directly under the first Sefirah in the following diagram:

Finally, consider the literal meaning of the word Kitim itself. It is first used in Genesis 10:4, a scripture which can be read Kabbalistically to mean: "Noah's son, Japheth, was the father of the Kitim who, in turn, later gave rise to the 'Aryan' Gentiles." Thus, we see that the Center Column, which is outwardly "Israel" (i.e., Sefirah Tiferet) is inwardly Kitim, or "Gentile," as we have taught time and again (for example, see our essay Kabbalistic Genetics of the Holy Seed), and as our namesake and predecessor Yakov Leib Frank was alluding to when he said:

"Who can speak of .....Jacob [father of the Jews] and Esau [father of the Gentiles], who can penetrate them? For they are the beginning [i.e. Sefirah Keter] and the end [i.e., Sefirah Malkuth] of the world [i.e., the total Tree of the Ten Sefiroth]." (Trans. by Harris Lenowitz in The Jewish Messiahs, Oxford University Press, 1978, p. 187)

and also:

"When you [Jews] are fit to come to Esau, then you will be worthy to know the meaning of the word....But the world does not know it yet, for it is a private, stored up and hidden thing." (Sayings of Yakov Frank, Harris Lenowitz, trans. Tree Books, 1978, p. 31)

We submit that the "word" to which Messiah Yakov Leib Frank is here referring -- the "private, stored up and hidden thing" which the world does not (or did not) know -- is no longer private, stored up and hidden, but now revealed.


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