Part 3, "The Lost Sheep of Israel & Repairing the Face of God"

"I brought you out from the dark and led you to Ishmael and Esau." -- 18th Century Kabbalistic Messiah, Yakov Leib Frank

To summarize what we have discussed so far in this series of lectures, according to the Zohar, "two beings [Adam and the Serpent, Samael] had intercourse with Eve [in the Garden of Eden] and she conceived [Cain and Abel] from both . . . But the right kind was not produced until Seth came, who is the first ancestor of all the generations of Tzaddikim, the Righteous Ones." (Zohar 1:36b) For this reason, the Zohar also states,

"Various impurities are mingled in the composition of Israel, like animals among men." (Zohar 1:28b)

In other words, the Jewish "genetic marker," as modern science calls it (or, as it is called in the Zohar, the "holy seed" of Adam) has become dispersed throughout the Nations and there are those among the Jews who are really "Gentiles" (i.e., who lack the Holy Seed) and those among the Gentiles who are really "Jews" (i.e., who have it). Thus, as with all other genetic characteristics -- such as blond hair or blue eyes -- those features associated with the "Jewish gene" can be expressed as either "dominant" or "recessive" in an individual. Those in whom it is dominant we call "Jews," but those in whom it is recessive we call the "Lost Sheep of the House of Israel." It was to retrieve these latter souls that "Jesus" instructed his disciples,

"Go only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. And as you go proclaim that the kingdom of heaven is close at hand." (Matthew 10:5)

and that Sabbatai Zevi, fifteen hundred years later, and those who follow him even to this day, converted to Islam and Christianity. We find these "lost sheep" in all walks of life. (Later in this lecture, I will describe several case histories of them.) What they share in common is that they are outwardly "Gentiles" but inwardly (and usually without knowing it) "Jews." Among his other callings, it is the function of the Messianic advent to "proclaim" this truth to the "lost sheep of the House of Israel" -- to awaken them to their descent from Adam rather than from Samael, thereby preparing them for the "kingdom of heaven" that is, as the so-called "Jesus" said, "close at hand" -- which means to say, "spread out upon the earth, but men do not see it." (Gnostic Gospel of Thomas 113) On the other hand, there are those individuals who, although born into the Jewish people, are inwardly lacking in the "holy seed." The Zohar calls these the "second section" of the Jewish people, the "Nefilim" whom it describes as follows:

"These [outward 'Jews' who do not have the inward 'holy seed'] derive their souls from the fallen angels [and not from Adam]. For this reason, God casts them out from the future world in which they have no portion." (Zohar 1:25a-25b)

It is to these Nefilim Jews -- descendants of the Seed of Samael (i.e., HaSatan, or "The Adversary" in the Garden of Eden) to whom "Jesus" is speaking in the Gospel of John when he says:

"Do you know why you cannot take in what I say? It is because you cannot understand my language. The Satan is your father, and you prefer to do what your father wants." (John 8:43)

We often see the unconscious presence of this Holy Seed among the Lost Sheep of Israel in their dreams, which I will discuss in the next section.

The Holy Seed In Dreams

"I bless Yahweh, who is my counselor, and in the night my inmost self instructs me." (Psalms 16:7)

As I pointed out in the first part of this lecture, it is through our dreams that the Holy Seed speaks to the Lost Sheep of Israel, calling them back to the fold, and I will give an example from my mentor -- the great Jungian Kabbalist, James Kirsch -- in which the dreams of a Spanish Nobleman spoke to James of his Gentile friend's "Jewish blood" which the Spaniard dismissed as "impossible," but which his mother, upon being consulted, later (and reluctantly) confirmed.

But what are the contents of such dreams? What are the symbols and archetypes by which they seek to awaken an outer Gentile to his inner "Jewish blood?" Although they are many and varied, what follows are three examples culled from my own work with the Lost Sheep over the past forty years. They were. of course, all dreamed by Non-Jews, or at least people who believed they were:

  • Dream 1 Content: "I have been called to the Church for a special religious service. When I arrive, the church is empty, so I walk to the front. I stand facing the podium. Then I hear a voice behind me saying, 'This religious service cannot take place until we have ten men.' When I turn to see who said this, no one is there, but I hear applause."
  • Dream 1 Analysis: The dreamer, a male Christian, had no special associations with the symbol of "ten men" without which the "voice" tells him, "this religious service cannot take place." The fact is, of course, that despite his having no conscious knowledge of it, this symbol of "ten men" represents the Jewish minyan, or "quorum," without which no Jewish service or ritual can proceed.

  • Dream 2 Content: "My girlfriend Mary and I are cooking dinner together. [Note: both in the dream and life, this girlfriend is a blond, blue-eyed Gentile, as is the dreamer] Two pots are cooking on the stove. One has milk in it, the other meat. I look into the milk pot and see pieces of meat floating in it. I become very angry and shout, 'Who has put the meat into the milk!' Light shines all around the kitchen door and Mary is standing in it. She says, 'I did'."
  • Dream 2 Analysis: This Gentile dreamer had a vague idea that "kosher" meant, in part, that milk and meat were not to be "mixed," but he had no idea that meat was literally not to be "seethed" in its "mother's milk" (Ex. 23:19) as in his dream. What the Master of the Dream appears to be telling him is that a part of him is "Jewish" and being made "unkosher" by his Gentile Anima, symbolized by the luminous figure of his girlfriend Mary.

  • Dream 3 Content: "A man I work with, a Jew, takes me to a meeting of the Board of Directors. When we come in, I see others already seated around the table. I sit down. The Chairman of the Board, a Rabbi, comes in and sits at the head of the table. When he first enters, everyone rises and puts on a Jewish skull-cap, including me."
  • Dream 3 Analysis: We see in this dream what I call, and have described in previous lectures as, the "Archetype of the Redemptive Jew" -- in this case, the Jewish man who brings the Gentile dreamer to a meeting of the "Board of Directors" which is presided over by a Rabbi. Clearly, the Gentile dreamer has been brought by the "Redemptive Jew" to the "Jewish Zone" of the Psyche, in which he also clearly belongs, as demonstrated by the fact that he, like the others there, is wearing a yarmulke (ritual Jewish skull-cap. (See my lectures on "A Zone Theory of the Psyche" in the Donmeh West Archives.)

The Holy Seed, implanted by God in "Adam" and "Eve" (or whoever else our original progenitors may have been), has continued to be dispersed throughout the Nations not only as a result of the co-paternity of Cain and Abel, as described in the Zohar and some Gnostic Scriptures, but also by the intermarriage and/or assimilation of Jews into the larger Gentile culture, by which their outer Jewish identity is completely lost in only one or two generations. Take, for example, the case of Madeline Albright, the former Secretary of State for the United States.

As far as Madeline Albright knew (a woman in her early 60's at least), she was a Gentile and a Roman Catholic, her parents were Gentiles and Roman Catholics, and their ancestors before them were Gentiles and Roman Catholics. Then, to her utter shock and amazement, by a freak "happenstance," she discovered that she (and, therefore, her children, according to the laws of Jewish genetics) is actually a full-blooded Jew whose parents, also both full-blooded Jews, fled Europe to escape Hitler's persecution and started a "new life" with new identities as "Gentiles" and "Roman Catholics" -- never telling their children, born later, that they were actually Jews.

Now if being "Jewish" is merely a religious affiliation, then Mrs. Albright is certainly no longer a Jew, and nor are her children. But if, as the modern science of Genetics is clearly demonstrating time and again, being a "Jew" is a race (with a highly unique DNA marker setting us apart from other genetic groups) then she and her children remain Jews and, had she not discovered her actual Jewish parentage, would have disappeared among the other Crypto-Jews of the world to become what we call in Neo-Sabbatian Kabbalah "Lost Sheep of the House of Israel."

Thus, there are many Gentiles (perhaps even you) who are "Jews in Non-Jewish Clothing" -- outwardly Gentiles but inwardly (and without knowing it) genetically Jews and, therefore, among the "Lost Sheep of the House of Israel" who must be returned -- according to the Zohar, Kabbalah and even (perhaps) "Jesus" but most certainly Sabbatai Zevi and his 18th century heir, Yakov Leib Frank -- to their true "flock" in order for the Messianic era to commence and the Kingdom of God to be re-established as it was from the Beginning. But how are they (or even you) to know it if they are one of these "Lost Sheep?" Certainly dreams, as I've described them in the earlier lectures of this series, are one way. But there are others: Family food habits, outmoded styles of dress, strange and unaccounted for behavior on certain days of the week or times of the year and (most typical of all) buried family secrets. In the next part of this lecture I'll describe actual examples of these that anyone (perhaps you) can use to determine whether they are among the Lost Sheep of Israel who "Jesus", Sabbatai Zevi, Yakov Leib Frank, and even the Donmeh of the Internet went out to retrieve. It's no accident that the vast majority (75%) of the nearly 1000 subscribers to this unabashedly Jewish list are (as far as they know) Gentiles.

*   *   *   *

"No one who is a Jew can become a human being without knowing that he is a Jew, since this is the basis from which he can reach out to a higher humanity." -- C. G. Jung (Collected Letters, Vol. 1, p. 162)

To summarize what we have written so far in this and other series: The Zohar tells us (and modern genetic science confirms) that there is a "Holy Seed of Israel" that has become "dispersed" throughout the Nations, and that these "Lost Sheep" must be awakened to whom they really are and returned to the fold from which they rightly come. It was for this reason that "Jesus" sent out his disciples saying,

"Do not turn your steps to pagan territory, and do not enter any Samaritan town; go rather to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. And as you go, [gather them up]." (Matthew 10:5)

Also for this reason, Sabbatai Zevi entered into Islam to retrieve the "Holy Sparks" contained therein, Yakov Leib (Jacob) Frank entered Catholicism to do the same, and I had the following dream many years ago at the start of my teaching ministry:

I am in a meeting hall where there are hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world, all dressed in their native costumes. They are arguing loudly among themselves shouting back and forth to each other, "I am a Jew! . . . No, I am a Jew!" I leap onto a platform at the front of the hall and begin sorting them into two groups by pointing to each and shouting, "You! You are a Jew! You to this side!" and "You! You are not a Jew! You to that side" until finally they are sorted, Jews to one side and Non-Jews to the other.

It was my mentor, James Kirsch (at the time one of the last surviving members of C. G. Jung's original inner circle) who helped me understand the meaning of this dream. He felt it was essentially an extension of his own vision of God in which, as he later wrote of it, "In July of 1914 . . . . I suddenly heard a voice speaking very clearly to me: 'You shall become like Abraham and Moses and found a new people'." (James Kirsch, "Reflections at Age Eighty Four" in the Jungian anthology, Modern Jew in Search of a Soul edited by J. Marvin Spiegelman, 1986, p. 149 -- in which my own essay "Kabbalah and the Interpretation of Dreams" appears on pages 47-84.)

At that time, the Jewish genome and DNA markers had not yet been discovered, and so it was (and still remains) through the interpretation of dreams -- as James taught it to me in the same way that Jung had taught it to him -- that such determinations were made by those of us called upon in our own dreams and visions to make them. In the next part of this lecture I'll give several illustrations of this identification process from my own work over the years, but in the meantime will give an example that James passed on to me personally:

He once had an analysand who was a European Spaniard from an ancient noble house of Spain -- a Count or a Duke or something like that. After listening to several of his dreams, James said to him, "My friend. You know, of course, that you have Jewish blood." To which the Spanish nobleman replied, in no uncertain terms, that that was "impossible." Later, James told me, the Nobleman wrote to his mother in Spain saying, "My crazy Jungian analyst tells me that I have Jewish blood, which of course is absurd." To which his mother replied by letter, "I never told you, or wanted to tell you, but yes, there is Jewish blood in our family on my mother's side."

As Scripture tells us:

"Your brother's blood is crying out to me from the ground" (Genesis 4:10)


To summarize what we have written so far: The ancient tradition of Kabbalah -- buried in the Zohar and other works of Jewish Oral Scripture, as well as in certain early Gnostic Christian Gospels such as The Apocryphon of John -- is that "two beings [Adam and Satan the Serpent] had intercourse with Eve, and she conceived from both and bore two children [Cain and Abel], and each followed [the likeness of] his male parent." (Zohar 1:36b-37a) As a result, the Zohar goes on to tell us, there is what it calls the "mixed multitude", the offspring of "the impurity which the Serpent injected into Eve" (Zohar 1:28b).

As a result of these lines of spiritual descent, there are basically two "sections" of Israel in the world: the first is the "mixed multitude" -- those who are outwardly Jews, but inwardly Gentiles; and the second, the "lost sheep of the House of Israel" -- those who are outwardly Gentiles but inwardly Jews. It is this first section, those who appear to be Jews on the outside but "genetically" are not, whom "Jesus" is said to have called "whited sepulchers (Matt 23:27) and "children of Satan" (John 8:44); but it is the second section -- those who are outwardly Gentiles, but inwardly Jews -- whom he called the "believing Jews" who could "understand" him (John 8:31).

Now, according to the Zohar "the son of David" will not come until these two "sections" of Israel have been sorted one from the other and "the mixed multitude shall pass away from the world" (Zohar 1:28b). It was for this reason that "Jesus" sent out his disciples with the instructions, "Go to the lost sheep of the House of Israel." (Matt 10:5). Similarly, the 17th century Jewish Messiah, Sabbatai Zevi, "converted" to Islam in order to retrieve the Holy Seed that lay dispersed among the descendants of Ishmael, while Yakov Leib (Jacob) Frank (Sabbatai's 18th century successor) "converted" to Catholicism to do the same among the descendants of Esau.

*   *   *   *

"[In] the Lurianic stage of the Kabbalah, the breaking of the vessels and man's help in restoring them . . . . the thought emerges for the first time that man must help God to repair the damage wrought by the Creation. For the first time man's cosmic responsibility is acknowledged." -- C. G. Jung (Collected Letters, Vol. 2, p. 155)

Returning the "lost sheep" of Israel to their original flock (by which I do not mean converting them to the religion of Israel, but returning them to its People) is but one more dimension to the complex Neo-Sabbatian Tikkun of Repairing the Face of God -- that is, returning Him to His original condition of Wholeness and Unity which was, according to Lurianic Kabbalah, shattered at the moment of creation. In the words of the Messiah, Yakov Leib (Jacob) Frank:

"When you are fit to come to Esau then the curse will be lifted from the earth and it will turn gold and then there will be neither chill nor heat but temperate clime and every day roses will bloom for one hundred and ten years and the sun will shine indescribably and it will always be day and never night, for night is the punishment of the world." (Sayings of Yakov Frank, Trans. by Harris Lenowitz, Tree Publications, 1978, p. 29)

In our own day, many of us have been called by the Holy Spirit (whether we hear it or not) to assist God in this great work of Repairing His Face by finding and returning the Lost Sheep of Israel to their true "flock" -- and, again, by that I do not mean literally converting Gentiles to the Jewish religion (or Jews to religions other than Judaism) but, in the words of the early Gnostics:

"By toiling with them and restoring them to their fullness and teaching them about the descent of the [holy] seed and about the way of its ascent, which is the way they originally came down." ("The Apocryphon of John," in The Nag Hammadi Library in English, trans. by Members of the Coptic Gnostic Library Project of the Institute for Antiquity and Christianity, James M. Robinson, Director. Harper & Row, 1978, p. 110)

In the words of C. G. Jung, this calling to "gather the lost sheep" is best answered by those of us who are "man not redeemed from original sin" (Answer to Job, par. 741), of whom he writes:

"For that purpose [God] has chosen, through the Holy Spirit, the creaturely man filled with darkness -- the natural man who is tainted with original sin and who learnt the divine arts and sciences from the fallen angels. The guilty man is eminently suitable and is therefore chosen to become the vessel for the continuing incarnation, not the guiltless one who holds aloof from the world and refuses to pay his tribute to life, for in him the dark God would find no room." (Ibid, par. 746)

In other word, for reasons best known to God alone, He selects for this holy work not the "Saints" and the "Pious" (as we insist upon thinking) but the fools and the sinners like you and me who belch, fart, scratch our asses and pick our noses. He selects for this holy work not the scholars and the wise, but the ignorant and foolish, like you and me, because "He has hidden these things from the learned and clever" (Matt 11:25) and has "chosen the foolish to confound the wise" (1 Cor. 1:27) As Yakov Leib (Jacob) Frank said of himself:

"Was I not a fool in your eyes, Torah-less and illiterate? But if wise men were needed someone who had read and studied everything would have been sent." (Op. Cit., p. 1)


The problem of being a "Lost Sheep of the House of Israel" -- a Gentile who, unknown to himself is actually a Jew -- is more common than one may imagine and, as I say, may even be true of you. (There is an apocryphal story that Hitler himself had "Jewish blood" and went to great pains first to discover that he did, and then to cover it up.) I've already given two examples of this earlier in this lecture: first, James Kirsch's analysand, a Spanish Nobleman, who from several dreams James determined was a "Lost Sheep of the House of Israel," and the United States Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, who -- believing that she and all her family were and always had been Gentile Roman Catholics -- discovered late in life (and quite by "accident") that both her parents had full-blooded Jews who fled the Nazi persecution in Europe and, casting aside their Jewish identity to save themselves and their future family, assumed that of Gentile Roman Catholics.

Now, from a Neo-Sabbatian and Kabbalistic point of view, these examples and others like them, are far more than passing curiosities. They strike at the very heart of the Kabbalistic Genetics of the Holy Seed discussed at great length in the first volume of the Zohar which, for example, concludes:

The Son of David [i.e., the Messiah] will not come until all the souls to be enclosed in bodies have been exhausted, and . . . . at that time the mixed multitude [shall be sorted out] and [therefore] pass away from the world." (Zohar 1:28a)

A number of years ago I published an article in a leading Catholic periodical, The Critic: A Journal of Contemporary Catholic Culture, titled "Appointment in Smyrna" in which I described an ocean voyage to Turkey in the 1980's, a Sabbatian pilgrimage, during which a force-ten storm at sea blew us off course to a tiny Greek island, all of whose 500 families were Greek Orthodox Christians with a well-kept secret: they were descendants of Jews who had fled the Spanish Inquisition in 1492-96.

The question, however, always arises, How can I determine if I am a "Jew in Gentile's clothing?" Genealogy, of course, is the best way, asking one's older relatives very often brings up surprising and, for some, disconcerting answers. The next best way is through dreams, but for that one needs a skilled interpreter. There are, however, other clues to which one can look. Following are some examples all of which are from individuals who believed themselves to be Non-Jews:

  • National Origin: For reasons too complicated to describe here, but perhaps in a future lecture, the chances of being a Crypto-Jew are greatly increased if one's family roots are in Germany, Spain or Poland.

  • Food Preparation: I was once speaking to an eighty-four year old man, both of whose parents were Lutherans from Germany; he told me that his mother, before using a raw egg in any dish, would first crack it open and hold it to the light. As a boy, he asked her why she routinely did this, to which she replied that she didn't know, but that her own mother had always done it, and so she had picked it up from her. Of course, Jewish women have been engaging in this specific, odd behavior for centuries to determine if a spot of blood is in a raw egg, since the laws of Kosher strictly prohibit them from using it if there is.

  • Family Secrets: An adult female student of mine told me the following story: She was born in Germany of German-Lutheran parents who brought her to America when she was an infant. Both her parents, she said, were quite unfriendly to other members of their families, refusing to ever visit or correspond with them. Moreover, she was raised in a somewhat anti-Semitic environment, which was fairly typical of the time. When she was 18 years old, her maternal grandfather died in Germany, to which she and her mother traveled for the funeral. During the funeral, she told me, she saw to her amazement, a man sitting on the podium wearing a skull-cap. "Why is that man wearing a hat in church?" she demanded of her mother in a loud voice. To which her mother replied, "Shhh. . . . . I never wanted to tell you; we're Jews."

  • Genetics: As we have discussed many times in previous sections of this lecture and others, there is now the scientific technology available for determining whether one is genetically a Jew (even though possibly born and raised among the Gentiles). Such tests for the "Jewish Gene" in one's DNA are neither theoretical nor a matter for debate, but a scientifically established fact, as the extensive university research we have cited clearly shows.

If it seems that the preponderance of these Crypto-Jews, the "Lost Sheep of the House of Israel," are from Germany, they are. In the following section I'll relate a rather remarkable story about this from my own personal experience.

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