Part 2, "An Empirical Study of the Lost Sheep of Israel"

"And those sheep were all white and their wool was abundant and clean. And all that had been destroyed and dispersed . . . . assembled in that House, and the Lord of the sheep rejoiced with great joy because they were all good and had returned to His House." -- (1 Enoch 91:32)

In 1986 I published a monograph titled The Lost Sheep of Israel (Institute for Noahite Education: Monographs in Psychology and Religion Number 11) which has long since been out of print, except for one or two copies in my own library and whatever ones may be floating around in the libraries of other people. In it I describe a small, empirical study designed to explore, in a quantitative way, using the techniques of experimental psychology, whether the "mixed multitude" described in ancient Kabbalah (Zohar 1:24b-25b).-- that is, "Gentiles who are, without knowing it, really Jews" and "Jews who are, without knowing it, really Gentiles" -- actually exists as alleged.

Now, this was a small exploratory study and by no means conclusive. But, as we shall see from the rather remarkable results reported later in this lecture, they were highly consistent with the DNA "genetic markers" later discovered by biological science to set Jews apart from Non-Jews as a distinct racial group and not merely a religious collective. The methods I employed, using a standardized questionnaire, were really quite simple and I encourage other social scientists to duplicate them to determine whether the results I'll report here hold up under continued investigation.


Using a standardized questionnaire a small group of students at the Center for Transpersonal Studies were divided into five heuristic groups:

  • Christian Gentiles
  • Unaffiliated Gentiles
  • Judaizing Gentiles (i.e., Gentiles predisposed to becoming Jews)
  • Self-Accepting Jews
  • Disaffected Jews (i.e., Jews who rejected being Jews)

These five groups were asked to match two forms of the Hebrew alphabet -- the standard Chaldean letters and the much-earlier Moabite script -- with each other solely on the basis of their intuitive hunches. Both alphabets (and particularly the Moabite letters) were foreign to all the respondents; therefore, and, most importantly, there was no rational reason for one group to score higher than another on this seemingly arbitrary matching task -- any significant differences among them could only be accounted for by unconscious predispositions (or, if you will, genetically recessive traits), rather than by conscious determiners.

Finally, the quantitative results of this study -- i.e., the average number of correct "hits" in the matching task from one group to another -- were subjected to standard statistical tests to determine if they were statistically significant. Once again, the results reported next are intended to be suggestive rather than "conclusive" and, as I said earlier, other social scientists are encouraged to replicate our study and, possibly, its results.

Quantitative Results

The Table below shows the average number of "hits" (correct matches between the two Hebrew alphabets) in our five research groups and the levels of statistical significance of their differences.

  1. Christians
  2. Unaffiliated
  3. Judaizing
  1. Self-Accepting
  2. Disaffected

* Scores for correct hits were normalized to a distribution ranging from 0 to 100, with 50 as the norm.

** Significantly greater than Groups 1, 3, and 5 at or beyond the .05 level of statistical confidence

*** Statistically equal to Group 2, but less than Groups 3 and 4 at the .05 level of statistical confidence

Now, notice that, statistically, the self-described "Judaizing Gentiles" (those who felt drawn to Judaism) were identical to the "Self-Accepting Jews" but different than their Gentile counterparts -- while the "Disaffected Jews" were less like other Jews and more like Gentiles. This strongly suggests that some intuitive, unconscious factor -- possibly the "Jewish Gene" recently discovered by genetic science -- was responsible for causing these groups to be significantly similar and different from each other in the arbitrary task of matching two forms of Hebrew alphabet, a task on which there should have been no differences among them unless such a factor had been operating.

That is, it's entirely possible that the reason some "Gentiles" were able to match the two Hebrew alphabets at the same level of accuracy as some Jews (and more accurately than other Gentiles) was because they had the "Jewish Gene" in its recessive condition, which predisposed them to an intuitive archetypal knowledge of the two ancient Hebrew alphabets -- while the "disaffected" Jews (those who overtly denied their "Jewisness") more closely resembled Non-Judaizing Gentiles because they both lacked the "Jewish Gene," even though the former subjects were born among the Jews.


"No one who is a Jew can be a complete human being until he knows he is a Jew." --C.G. Jung (Collected Letters, Vol. 1, p. 162)

What has all this to do with "Yalhakian" Neo-Sabbatian Kabbalah and the Messianic Advent? How can separating and defining two things make them One? The first of the three great avatars in the Jewish Messianic succession -- consisting of "Jesus", Sabbatai Zevi and Yakov Leib Frank -- said it, "In my father's house there are many rooms" (John 14:2) That is, God's House consists of many houses, His Face of many faces. Among them is Esau's "Room," Esau's "Face" (the Gentiles) -- and Jacob's "Room," Jacob's "Face" (the Jews).

In order for Jacob to keep his broken promise to Esau to meet him in Seir (Genesis 33:16) -- that is, for the two "rooms" to become one House, and the two "faces" one Face -- first the Mixed Multitude must be sorted from among the Jews and the Lost Sheep from among the Gentiles. Only then can they be brought together again, through the person of the Messiah, into a "single New Man . . . . united in a single Body and reconciled with God" (Ephesians 2:15). It was to this holy task that "Jesus," Sabbatai Zevi and Yakov Leib Frank devoted themselves, and for which Donmeh West has been called to continue. Many have come, and more will follow, but in that day, when the job is done, "the Lord shall be One and His name One" (Zechariah 14:9). In that day, Esau will be the wax; Jacob the wick; and God the flame. In that day, the three Strands will come together as a single candle to light the darkness of this wicked world.

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